Vous trouverez sur cette page des extraits audios en version instrumentale de la plupart des riddims les plus connus.
Des ajouts réguliers viendront la compléter.

Riddims A

A Love I Can Feel Riddim

Ali Baba Riddim

Answer Riddim

Riddims B

Ba Ba Boom Riddim

Bobby Bobylon RiddimNEW

Boxing Riddim

Riddims C

Carpenter Riddim

Cassandra RiddimNEW

Cuss Cuss Riddim

Riddims D

Darker Shade Of Black Riddim

Death In The Arena Riddim

Drifter RiddimNEW

Riddims E

Every Tongue Shall Tell Riddim

Everybody Bawling Riddim

Expo Train RiddimNEW

Riddims F

Far East Riddim

Freedom Blues Riddim

Full Up RiddimNEW

Riddims G

General Riddim

Get In The Groove Riddim

Give Me The Right RiddimNEW

Riddims H

He Prayed Riddim

Heavenless Riddim

Heptones Gonna Fight RiddimNEW

Riddims I

I Am In Love RiddimNEW

I Hold The Handle Riddim

Invasion Riddim

Riddims J

Java Riddim

Johnny Too Bad RiddimNEW

Joy Ride Riddim

Riddims K

Keep That Light RiddimNEW

King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown Riddim

Kuff Riddim

Riddims L

Lazy Body Riddim

Lecturer Riddim

Lonely Soldier RiddimNEW

Riddims M

M 16 Riddim

Mother Long Tongue RiddimNEW

Movie Star Riddim

Riddims N

Nanny Goat Riddim

No More Will I Roam Riddim

Noah RiddimNEW

Riddims O

One Draw Riddim

One To One Riddim

Oneness RiddimNEW

Riddims P

Peanie Peanie Riddim

Pick Up The Pieces Riddim

Police In Helicopter RiddimNEW

Riddims Q

Queen Majesty Riddim

Queen Of The Minstrel Riddim

Quick Draw RiddimNEW

Riddims R

Real Rock Riddim

Revolution Riddim

Rockfort RockNEW

Riddims S

Satta Riddim

Stalag Riddim

Swing Easy RiddimNEW

Riddims T

Take Five RiddimNEW

Taxi Riddim

Tempo Riddim

Riddims U

Unchained Riddim

Undying Love Riddim

Up And Live RiddimNEW

Riddims V

Valentine RiddimNEW

Vanity Riddim

Riddims W

Weather Balloon Riddim

Weatherman Skank Riddim

World A Music RiddimNEW

Riddims X

X-Factor RiddimNEW

Riddims Y

You And You RiddimNEW

You Should Have Known Riddim

Youthman Riddim

Riddims Z

Zion RiddimNEW

Zion Gate Riddim